If you have written to Nigel as part of a standard-letter campaign, such as those from 38 Degrees, you can find his responses on the issues here.

August 2018 – Saudia Arabia Arms Exports

Thank you to those who contacted me about arms exports to Saudi Arabia. I share your distress regarding the plight of the Yemini people, but I do not […]

July 2019 – UK Guidance on Detainees

Thank you to those who contacted me regarding the consolidated guidance on detainees.   The current consolidated guidance, published in 2010, sets out the principles for […]

July 2018 – EDM 1305 and Arms Exports to Israel Campaign

Thank you to those of you who took the time to contact me regarding your concerns with Israel, and in particular arms sales to the country. Firstly, […]

July 2018 – EDM 1122 and the 2020 Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference

Thank you to those who took the time to let me know of your concerns surrounding the recent 2020 Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference and EDM […]

July 2018 – UK Policy on Lethal Force

Thank you to those who contacted me regarding the UK’s policy on the use of lethal force. The UK’s policy on using force overseas is clear. It will be in line with applicable UK and […]

July 2018 – EDM 1251 and the Iran Nuclear Deal

Thank you to those who contacted me regarding the Iran Nuclear Deal and EDM 1251. Ministers do not, by convention, sign any Early Day Motions, as doing so is […]

May 2018 – Syria

Thank you to those who have been in touch regarding recent military action in Syria. The Prime Minister has been clear that the fact that this […]

September 2017 – Royal British Legion Manifesto

Thank you for contacting me about the Royal British Legion’s 2017 manifesto. I recognise the valuable contribution made by Armed Forces personnel and their families and […]

October 2016 – Children in Mosul

Thank you for your email about the situation facing children in Mosul. The protection of civilians during armed conflict is a priority for the UK and its […]

July 2016 – Trident Renewal

To constituents who have gotten in touch regarding opposition to the renewal of Trident, thank you for taking the time to email me. While I appreciate […]