Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

If you have written to Nigel as part of a standard-letter campaign, such as those from 38 Degrees, you can find his responses on the issues here.

April 2019 – Westminster Hall Fracking Debate

Thank you for contacting me about planning practice on shale development. Shale development has the potential to deliver substantial economic benefits to the UK economy and […]

April 2019 – Fight for nature

Thank you to those who contacted me about nature recovery in the UK. The decision to leave the European Union has created an historic opportunity to […]

April 2019 – Trade bill Lords Amendments

Thank you to those who contacted me about future trade agreements. I understand your concerns regarding standards in future trade agreements, the scrutiny of such agreements, […]

April 2019 – Environment Bill and Environment charter

Thank you for those who contacted me about the WWF’s Environment Charter. As set out in the 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment, the decision […]

April 2019 – Live Exports for Slaughter and Fattening

Thank you to those who have contacted me about live animal exports. All animals deserve to be respected and cared for at every stage of their lives. […]

April 2019 – Fairtrade Foundation “Do you like chocolate?”

Thank you to those who have contacted me about Fairtrade and the production of cocoa. I very much share your concern about ensuring that cocoa is ethically sourced and […]

March 2019 – Agriculture Bill NC4

Thank you to those who have contacted me about food safety standards and the Agriculture Bill NC4. I am told that the Government is currently reflecting on […]

March 2019 – Earthquakes and Fracking

Thank you to those who contacted me about fracking. The safe development of shale gas will be good for jobs, good for our energy security, and […]

March 2019 – Factory Farming

Thank you to those who have contaced me about factory farming. I understand the strength of feeling about the issue and I am committed to the highest […]

March 2019 – Warfare testing on animals

Thank you to those whoc contacted me about animal testing at Porton Down. The work done by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) at Porton […]