Health and Social Care

If you have written to Nigel as part of a standard-letter campaign, such as those from 38 Degrees, you can find his responses on the issues here.

July 2017 – Abortion for Northern Irish Women

Thank you for contacting me about Northern Irish women gaining access to NHS-funded abortions in England. I recognise that this is a very delicate and sensitive […]

April 2017 – Soft Drink Industry Levy (“Sugar Tax”)

I have received a number of emails regarding plans to introduce a levy on soft drinks that contain added sugar. The Government has announced that legislation […]

April 2017 – Diana Johnson MP’s Private Member’s Bill on Abortion

I have received a number of emails, from constituents on both sides of the issue, about Diana Johnson MP’s Ten Minute Rule Bill on abortion.  I […]

February 2017 – Adult Social Care

Thank you for your recent e-mail about adult social care. It is important that we look after the elderly people in our community and that is […]

February 2017 – Bowel Cancer Screenings

Thank you for your recent email regarding bowel cancer screenings. I appreciate your concerns as I know that bowel cancer is one of the most common […]

January 2017 – NHS Nursing Pay

Thank you for contacting me about NHS pay and nurses. I believe strongly that the passion, commitment, and specialist knowledge our nurses and other NHS staff […]

January 2017 – NHS Pressures & Funding

Thank you for contacting me about the NHS. I believe in the NHS and its values. I recognise that the NHS has been under sustained pressure with […]

November 2016 – Biphosphonates and Breast Cancer

Thank you for your email about the availability of bisphosphonates for people with breast cancer. I can assure you that the Government is committed to improving […]

November 2016 – NHS Funding, A&E Services

Thank you for contacting me about Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs). The NHS today helps more people to receive higher quality care than ever before. The […]

October 2016 – Arthritis Care

Thank you for contacting me about arthritis. I know myself this can be a very painful and debilitating condition. To help clinicians to identify the symptoms of […]