If you have written to Nigel as part of a standard-letter campaign, such as those from 38 Degrees, you can find his responses on the issues here.

September 2016 – Finance Bill/”Mayfair Tax” Loophole

Thank you for your recent email regarding the Finance Bill and closing tax loopholes. The Government has taken decisive steps to ensure that asset managers pay […]

June 2016 – Land Registry

Thank you for your recent email regarding the Land Registry. The Land Registry continues to be an essential part of land and property ownership in England and […]

June 2016 – Tax Treaties

Thank you for contacting me about tax treaties. A major focus of the UK’s G8 Presidency was tax transparency and combatting offshore tax evasion. This is why […]

April 2016 – Positive Money campaign

Thank you for contacting me about the Positive Money campaign group and the issue of money creation. The Government has set out its position on the […]

April 2016 – Panama Papers/Tax Havens

Thank you for your recent email regarding the Panama Papers. I welcome the fact that HMRC is already carrying out an intensive investigation of offshore companies, including in […]

February 2016 – Cut Beer & Alcohol Duties

In response to a campaign to encourage the Chancellor to reduce alcohol duty in the 2016 Budget:   Thank you for your recent email regarding alcohol […]