August 2018 – Bahrain

August 2018 – Bahrain

Thank you to those who have contacted me about Bahrain.

I am encouraged that after the summer, Parliament is being given the opportunity to debate human rights in Bahrain.

I know that the UK Government continues to reiterate the need for Bahrain to protect and defend universal human rights – indeed, it is one of the UK’s 30 human rights priority countries. I am assured that where the Government has concerns, it consistently raises these with the Bahraini authorities, at the highest levels, both in private and in public.

I understand that the UK has raised the case of Hasan Mushaima at a senior level. Where the UK has concerns on specific issues, including prison conditions, it raises these with the Bahraini authorities. It also encourages those with concerns about treatment in detention to report these to the relevant human rights oversight bodies and the UK urges those bodies to carry out swift and thorough investigations.

Bahrain must deliver on its international and domestic human rights commitments.