December 2016 – Refugee Children

December 2016 – Refugee Children

Thank you for contacting me about the transferal of refugee children.

While the decision and the timing of the operation to clear the migrant camp was a matter for the French Government, we must do what we can to safeguard the welfare of unaccompanied refugee children moved from the camp.

The Government takes its humanitarian responsibilities very seriously and work is continuing to ensure that a safe and efficient process is in place to transfer eligible unaccompanied children to the UK and to ensure that they are kept safe during the clearance process.

Children arriving in the UK from Calais will either be reunited with family members or will be appropriately cared for by established welfare providers. We must act in the best interests of children and where it is determined that they should come to the UK, the Government will act quickly to place them in the care of their relatives or put in place care arrangements once safeguarding checks are complete.

Since 10th October more than 300 children have left Calais and are now safely in the UK.

It is crucial that we take the most vulnerable refugees from the regions they are in so as not to encourage people to make dangerous journeys. The Home Office has announced a new scheme to resettle vulnerable children from the Middle East and North Africa region, working with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Thank you again for getting in touch..