July 2017 – Fox/Sky proposed deal – UPDATE

July 2017 – Fox/Sky proposed deal – UPDATE

Thank you for forwarding me one of the several emails instigated by campaign groups following the announcement regarding Sky and 21st Century Fox.


Karen Bradley, the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, has made it clear in two statements to the House of Commons at which I was present that she is sitting in a quasi-judicial rôle in determining whether or not to allow 21st Century Fox to acquire a controlling interest in Sky. Fox already own around 40% of Sky.


She has made it clear that like a judge sitting in court, she can only consider evidence, not opinion, and that several thousand identical emails she has already received have all had to be ignored as they contained no evidence – only opinion regarding this matter.


If you wish to submit firm evidence to Karen Bradley as to why 21st Century Fox should not acquire Sky, you should do so by writing to her direct at her Department in London. My passing on your email to her or my expressing my own opinion will have no influence on her decision whatsoever.


I do hope you now understand the position and I thank you, nevertheless, for writing to me on this important matter. It is always useful to know the views of my  constituents.