Campaign Responses

If you have written to Nigel as part of a standard-letter campaign, such as those from 38 Degrees, you can find his responses on the issues here.

October 2016 – Down’s Syndrome Testing and EDM 44

Thank you for contacting me about non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) and EDM 44. I understand you have very strong concerns about this sensitive matter.   By practice […]

October 2016 – Attendance Allowance

Thank you for your recent email regarding Attendance Allowance. The Government is currently considering a range of ideas for the future of local government. I welcome the […]

October 2016 – Supported Housing

Thank you for contacting me about supported housing. I completely agree with you that for many vulnerable people supported accommodation plays a vital role. I can […]

October 2016 – Homelessness Reduction Bill

Thank you for your recent email about the Homelessness Reduction Bill. Every person sleeping rough is a tragedy and I am glad that the Government is […]

October 2016 – Faith School Admission

Thank you for your recent email regarding faith schools and their admission policies. The Prime Minister has made clear that the Government is dedicated to making […]

October 2016 – FairFuelUK Campaign

Thank you for contacting me about fuel prices and the FairFuelUK campaign. I know this campaign raises a number of ongoing issues, however I welcome the […]

September 2016 – Childhood Obesity

Thank you for contacting me about the Government’s plan to tackle childhood obesity. With nearly a third of children aged two to fifteen overweight or obese, […]

September 2016 – Domestic Violence Refuges

Thank you for getting in touch regarding domestic violence refuges. The changes to Housing Benefit announced in the 2015 Autumn Statement involve aligning the rules in the […]

September 2016 – Animal testing at Grimston

Thank you for contacting me about animal testing and the facility at Grimston.  I appreciate your concerns regarding this issue. I am, as many know, a dog […]

September 2016 – Domestic abuse cases in family court

Thank you for your recent email about domestic abuse in Family Courts. Domestic abuse is appalling and tackling such abuse is a priority for the Government. The […]