Conservative 2015 election campaign off to a flying start

Conservative 2015 election campaign off to a flying start


Nigel Adams and local Conservative supporters have launched their general election and local council campaigns. The team were out in Selby Town Centre and Tadcaster last Tuesday as the starting gun on the most important election for a generation was fired following the dissolution of Parliament.

As the second day of the campaign proper kicked off, a future Conservative Government would help businesses create 2 million more jobs by 2020.

Nigel Adams said, “When we came into government in 2010, unemployment had rocketed. Labour left almost half a million more people unemployed, meaning many families were looking to the future, scared and unsure of what was to come.

Five years on, by working through our long-term economic plan and backing business with lower jobs taxes and better infrastructure, look at what we have achieved together. Unemployment here in Selby and Ainsty is down by almost 60% and:

  • 1.9 million more jobs – more people in work in our country than ever before.
  • More jobs created here than the rest of Europe combined.
  • More people with the security of a regular pay-packet, providing for themselves and their families.

Nigel added, “Over the last five years we have created 1,000 jobs a day and if we are re-elected we will keep on creating 1,000 jobs a day – 2 million more jobs in the next five years. The choice is simple: we go back to square one and the days of big unemployment. Or vote Conservative and finish what we have begun.

We are the jobs party – and over the next month, we will be fighting for every man and woman who wants to work and earn a wage.”