Demand for Superfast Broadband Exceeds Expectations

Demand for Superfast Broadband Exceeds Expectations


Superfast broadband is proving so popular in Selby District that as soon as it is available the initial capacity is being used up. One cabinet in Monk Fryston has had to be expanded twice in two years to keep up with demand. Cabinets in many other villages like Church Fenton and Barkston Ash have also had to be upgraded within a year of the service being made available. While the upgrades have caused delays to some installations it is good news for villages that do not yet have access to superfast broadband because it has led to an additional £129Million being made available to extend the roll out. While the money has to be spread across the whole of the UK it is a significant additional amount when compared with the initial funding of £500Million.

In Selby District the take-up in some villages has already been two and a half times higher than originally predicted and it is this high demand that triggered a repayment of £129M from BT, who were contracted by Government to build the network. The £129Million will now be used to extend the rollout even further.

A second stage of the project has already started in North Yorkshire and the first villages to gain access include Thorganby and West Haddlesey. Further announcements for other villages to be upgraded in the next phase are expected by the end of September.

Commenting on the project Nigel Adams MP said “ The UK wide Government sponsored project has now made superfast broadband available to more than three million homes and businesses across the UK in our small towns and villages. I am delighted that Selby District has been at the forefront of the project and that we have led the way in encouraging people to use the service as soon as it is available. The popularity of superfast broadband has made it easy for North Yorkshire County Council and Government to recognise the benefit of the investment and this supports the  further investment needed to reach more of our villages.”


Capture Mill close cabinet


Pictures – Nigel Adams MP –The first cabinet in Selby District to be upgraded – photo at the launch event in Sherburn in April 2013

The Mill Close cabinet in Monk Fryston – which has now been upgraded twice to keep up with demand.



Techie info

Superfast broadband uses fibre optic cable to bring the broadband signal as close to homes as possible – instead of the fibre optic cable going only as far as the telephone exchange and using copper cable all the way from the exchange the fibre is extended  to the street cabinets where individual telephone connections are made into large multi core cables that go back to the exchange. This shortens the distance that the broadband signal has to travel over copper wire – and this enables it to run much faster. Distance is very important and people living next to a cabinet may get 40Mbps speed, while those at 1km may only get 25Mbpds. The system does not work beyond about 1.2km. With old style broadband speeds were typically 5Mbps or less.

In a few cases fibre cables are being extended all the way down through villages – villages where this solution is being used include parts of Monk Fryston, parts of Whitley and Hirst Courtney – which was the first village in Selby District to benefit from this particular solution.