Filmmakers in Selby & Ainsty: Enter the 2017 “Film the House” Competition!

Filmmakers in Selby & Ainsty: Enter the 2017 “Film the House” Competition!


Nigel Adams MP, Kevin Barron MP, and Lord Tim Clement‐Jones are calling for local creators to enter Parliament’s prestigious Film the House competition.

Founded by former MP Mike Weatherley, and now sponsored by Sir Kevin Barron MP (Chair of the All Party Film Group), Nigel Adams MP (member of the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee), and Lord Clement‐Jones (Vice‐Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Intellectual Property Group), the annual competition offers the opportunity to put local film‐makers in direct contact with the movers and shakers of the film industry, and to have the best of UK talent take front and centre stage.

Judged initially by your local constituency office, your MP’s recommendations are put forward for judging by the leading lights of the industry, with prizes that include top‐notch equipment, advice from professionals in the film industry and the winners’ films being screened. The Film the House competition is a pioneering opportunity to showcase what the UK has to offer, raising awareness about the importance of Intellectual Property (IP) to our creative industries and country.

Dates for the 2017 competition are:
-31 July 2017: Closing date for entries to MPs’ offices
-30 August 2017: Closing date for MPs to announce their constituency nominations and submit their respective shortlists to the final judging panel
-24 October 2017: Award Ceremony with screening, House of Commons, London

More information on how to apply for the competition can be found at:

Lord Clement‐Jones said:
“I welcome the return of Parliament’s most hotly contested competition, and would urge all filmmakers
to enter Film the House. This is an excellent opportunity for MPs to celebrate their local
talent and, as nominations are judged by industry experts, there is no finer chance for our nation’s
filmmakers to gain exposure.”

What supporters of IP and the competition are saying:

Sir Kevin Barron MP, Chair of the All Party Film Group:
“As the Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Film Group, I recognise the importance of Intellectual Property; it enables filmmakers and scriptwriters to earn recognition and financial benefit from what they create. It is hard to think of a service, product or activity which in some way does not depend on IP. I believe that the IP system must aim to create an environment in which creativity and innovation can flourish.
“I would urge you all to enter the Film the House short film competition as it is a great way of getting wider exposure for your films.”

Lord Puttnam, Producer of Chariots of Fire, The Killing Fields:
“The UK has always been a hotbed of cinematic talent, which is why it’s crucial to constantly remind legislators of the importance of protecting and supporting this rich cultural economy. Film the House is an imaginative Parliamentary competition which manages to be fun whilst giving young creatives an opportunity to engage with their MPs, win fantastic prizes and all the while promote the importance of intellectual property rights. Those rights are the seed corn of your future – that being the case, I can only urge every would‐be film‐maker to give it a go!”

Adrian Hodges, scriptwriter for My Week with Marilyn, The Musketeers, Primeval:
“For me, as a writer of original television and film screenplays, the value of an IP is impossible to overestimate. A hit show might be worth many thousands of pounds in future income, but if I don’t own or retain a share of the IP, all that revenue goes to people who didn’t, at the end of the day, create or work on the show. Losing an IP in perpetuity is like losing a pension and potentially just as disastrous for writers.”