Heart Safe Communities and Yorkshire Ambulance Help Communities Access Defibrillators

Heart Safe Communities and Yorkshire Ambulance Help Communities Access Defibrillators



The Heart Safe Communities organisation is working as a partnership with Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) to increase the protection of people in Yorkshire from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

Please see the below information from Heart Safe Communities about the benefits of Public Access Defibrillators, and about the program to facilitate access for rural communities:

“Last year YAS proudly received the accolade of having the best survival rates from SCA in the UK.

SCA kills 75,000 people a year in the UK. However, if early defibrillation is accessible, a patients chance of survival increases from less than 3%, to over 75%.

That is why community Public Access Defibrillators (cPADs) are critical.

We have been provided with 100 cPADs from YAS for ‘red 1 call’ incidents. Strategic placement of these across the county will help maximise survival rates even more.

Each cPAD usually costs a community £1800- £2000. With our campaign the same community needs only an initial launch of £700, which will give them immediate access to the same cPAD, but the device will last for 10 years rather than the standard 8 years & requires fewer accessory replacements over the life of the device.

The community then have a further 2 years to fund a remaining £995. This includes all insurance and liability cover, plus a 2 hour defibrillator training and awareness session for locals provided by Yorkshire Ambulance.”

If your community is interested in participating in this program to have a cPAD, or would like more information, please contact Michael McCann of Heart Safe Communities at michael.mccann@heartsafecommunities.co.uk or visit www.heartsafecommunities.co.uk.