National Citizen Service Graduates visit Parliament

National Citizen Service Graduates visit Parliament

England, UK . 16.1.2017. London . House of Commons. National Citizen Service Bill Second Reading drop-in session for MPs.

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Nigel Adams met with National Citizen Service (NCS) Graduates in Parliament last week. A group of NCS Graduates was in the House of Commons to watch the NCS Bill debated by MPs.


15-17 year olds from all backgrounds come together on NCS for a shared experience lasting for three to four weeks in the school holidays. They push themselves out of their comfort zones in the great outdoors, learn important life skills, live away from home, and work together to plan and deliver a project that makes a difference their local communities. So far 300,000 young people have taken part in the programme.


Nigel Adams spoke to Graduates about the work NCS does to transform the lives of young people across the country. He said:


I was delighted to meet with NCS Graduates in Parliament this week to talk about the skills and experiences young people gain from taking part in NCS. I am impressed by the positive impact NCS is having -both through the confidence it gives young people, and the variety of social action projects that have been delivered in the community. If you’re 15-17 and haven’t heard of NCS, I’d definitely encourage you to get involved.


Michael Lynas, Chief Executive of NCS Trust, said


I’m delighted that Nigel Adams was able to meet NCS graduates to hear about their fantastic NCS journey first-hand. We are delighted that NCS is on the path to becoming a rite of passage for every young person in our country – and are incredibly grateful to MPs like Nigel Adams for supporting us in that journey.


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