Nigel Adams MP calls for action against fly tipping

Nigel Adams MP calls for action against fly tipping

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Fly tipping was a top issue raised at a recent Selby Area Rural Watch meeting attended by over 70 farmers and landowners. The meeting has become an annual event where the farming community is able to raise concerns about crime and how it affects rural communities. This year’s meeting was held at Eggborough Power Station social club and was organised by PCSO Laura Simpson. It was also supported by the NFU (National Farmers Union), and was open to all members of the public.

The special guest at the year’s event was Julia Mulligan, the recently re-elected Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire.  She said, “It was a pleasure to meet so many members of the Selby Area farming community. I was surprised that fly tipping was seen to be such a serious issue but having heard the farmers speaking about the problem it is clear that action needs to be taken and I have offered to support any joint initiative to tackle the problem.”

After the event, the problem was brought to the attention of Nigel Adams MP, who visited one of many remote country lanes which has been used as an illegal dumping ground. He said, “I heard about the problem but could not appreciate how serious it was until I met with a local farmer who showed me one of several sites where illegal fly tipping is a regular occurrence. The amount of rubbish being dumped and the type of rubbish was staggering, the problem needs to be given a higher profile and joint action taken to deal with it.”

The problem is complex because illegally tipped rubbish becomes the responsibility of the owner of the land on which the rubbish is tipped. The police would only be formally involved if the rubbish was dumped on the highway thus causing a safety hazard. When it is on land by the roadside it becomes the responsibility of the council. Selby District Council have been active both removing such rubbish and prosecuting offenders. The Selby Council web site has a form that you can use to report fly tipping incidents.

After the site visit Mr Adams said, “It is difficult to understand why people would risk prosecution by dumping rubbish when they could dispose of it at a Council operated recycling centre.”