Nigel Adams MP congratulates Tadcaster Flood Group

Nigel Adams MP congratulates Tadcaster Flood Group


Photo: Nicola Eades, Nigel Adams MP and David Bewley  – With one of the two 30,000 gallon per hour pumps


The Tadcaster Flood Group was congratulated by Nigel Adams MP on the progress they have made at making the town more resilient to flooding and for the way they have supported the recovery of the town after the disastrous flooding last year on Boxing Day.

The flood group has now reached the stage where their work including fund raising is delivering real benefits for the town. Over the space of the next few weeks the following will all be in place:-

  • Two 30,000 gallons per hour pumps have now been delivered to the group. The pumps were bought thanks to generous donations from Heineken and The Tadcaster Freemasons with match funding from North Yorkshire County Council. There will be one pump at each side of the bridge. The objective is to ensure that surface water flooding which has caused problems in the past is removed before it can result in damage to properties. The Flood Group have been trained in the use of the pumps and safe storage has been arranged.
  • A state of the art digital camera is being installed which will enable river level to be monitored. Tadcaster residents will be able to view the images over the internet and the information will also be fed direct to the Environment Agency and used to monitor River level and provide early warning of flood risk.
  • A “Flood Advice Fair” will be held in Riley Smith Hall on Sunday 9 October. This event is being supported by North Yorkshire Council, the Environment Agency, Yorkshire Water and Tadcaster Town Council who will have representative present.

Commenting on progress Nigel Adams said, “The Flood Group has to be congratulated for the way in which they have worked with all the Agencies involved. It is a success story and shows just how much can be achieved by working together to solve problems. They have had my full support and I am delighted to see progress on a so many of their objectives. There is more good news to come, the recent decision to widen the bridge as part of the repair work shows how North Yorkshire County Council are listening to the views of residents and designing the best possible solution. Plans are already being put in place to celebrate the re-opening of the bridge just before Christmas.”