Nigel Adams MP visits construction materials manufacturer

Nigel Adams MP visits construction materials manufacturer


L-R: Edward Parker, Area Manager; Nigel Adams MP; Will Hicks, Site Manager

Nigel Adams MP recently visited the Aggregate Industries’ Lytag (lightweight aggregate) factory adjacent to Drax Power Station. Commenting on the visit Nigel said “Selby District has a long history of generating power at Drax and Eggborough Power stations. It is less well known that the by-products are then used by other industries including Lytag which takes ash from Drax and converts it into an innovative high value aggregate for use as a construction product.”

Used in iconic buildings across the UK, including The Shard in London and Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium, as well as many local projects, Lytag is manufactured from pulverised fly ash, a waste product of coal fired power stations.  Through a process of pelletisation and heating, Aggregate Industries produce a recycled aggregate whose properties allow for more innovative construction, as well as reducing the amount of primary aggregate quarried across the UK.

Area Manager, Edward Parker commented: “We were absolutely delighted to welcome Mr Adams to our factory and walk him through the manufacturing process in detail.  As the only company in the UK that creates this product, we are very proud of the work that we do in driving forward innovation in construction.  The fact that we are using a waste product for which there are few other uses, while reducing the need for quarried stone, makes Lytag a win-win for the industry and the environment.”