Nigel and Google talk about internet safety at Brayton Primary

Nigel and Google talk about internet safety at Brayton Primary

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On Friday March 24th Nigel Adams MP visited Brayton Primary School to take part in their ‘Internet Legends’ assembly.

The school welcomed a team from Google’s education team who presented a special assembly on Internet awareness. The presentation aimed to help children learn the skills they need to be safe online. Google, in partnership with Parent Zone, have consulted a panel of issue experts and academics to advise on the content for this digital literacy campaign and subsequently developed the Internet Legends theme which will presented at the assembly.

The Internet Legends assembly introduces pupils to the Legends Code, four simple guidelines for staying safe and having fun online. They are:

  • Think before you share. 2) Protect your stuff .
3) Check it’s for real.
 4) Respect each other.

Nigel Adams said, “It was a pleasure to take part in the Internet Legends assembly at Brayton Primary. The team from Google were fantastic and taught the children valuable and essential skills to keep themselves safe on the internet. Most of the pupils are online every single day for a variety of tasks, such as doing their homework or chatting with their friends, so it is vital that they learn to stay safe but have fun at the same time. I’m sure all of the pupils will have learnt something from assembly that they can take away and put into practice and share with others.”