Nigel leads debate on Intellectual Property

Nigel leads debate on Intellectual Property


Yesterday, Nigel proposed that “this house consider the importance of intellectual property to the British economy” as a motion for debate in Westminster Hall.

During the hour-and-a-half long debate, MPs had the chance to consider the evolving difficulties in protecting intellectual property given fast-changing technology.  Some progress had recently been made, in the form of the agreement of a Search Code of Practice between creative content creators and search engines like Google and Bing.  The Code will see sites dedicated to pirated content demoted or blocked in search responses, and Nigel and other members welcomed it.

Looking forward, Nigel discussed in detail the problem of IPTV boxes being used to make piracy of film and television content look and feel legitimate, when it is not at all.  Members took the opportunity to emphasise the possibilities for the UK when intellectual property reverts from being an area in the domain of the EU to once again being a UK competence.

Following the debate, Nigel said: “I’m pleased we got the chance to discuss these emerging challenges today, and how we can be proactive about supporting our powerhouse creative sector, as well as our inventors and innovators in both technology and manufacturing.  While I hope we can bring this matter before the full Chamber of the House soon, I’m heartened to see contributions from members from all sides of the House, and all parts of the UK, in this debate.  This discussion is a good step towards being prepared to have the best intellectual property laws we can when jurisdiction over this area comes back from Brussels to the UK.”

Nigel has set out his position in an article on Conservative Home to coincide with the debate, or you can read his speech in Hansard here.  If you would like to watch the entire debate, you can do so on the Parliamentlive website here.