Nigel Stands Up for Local Jobs and Energy Security in Power Stations Debate

Nigel Stands Up for Local Jobs and Energy Security in Power Stations Debate

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Nigel Adams MP stood up for energy jobs in Selby and Ainsty on Wednesday, calling on the Government to provide further support to power stations in the constituency.

Taking part in a debate on the future of coal-fired power stations, Mr Adams highlighted the potential offered by biomass-conversions and sought Government’s assurances that it would support future biomass conversions at Drax to protect jobs and keep the lights on.

The debate had been tabled by the Conservative MP for Cannock Chase, Amanda Milling, who thanked Mr Adams for his role in the debate and described Selby and Ainsty as “the original northern powerhouse”.

Speaking after the debate, Nigel Adams said: “Upgrading to biomass as opposed to closing coal stations will keep the lights on, help the Government meet its Climate Change targets and saves tax payer money as it is a low cost renewable. Closing power stations here simply to import more and more power from other countries – effectively exporting jobs – is a false economy.”

He added: “Biomass conversion has enabled Drax to make the most of its existing infrastructure and grid connection, it has been able to maintain its output, protect jobs and slash its carbon emissions.”

“However, further progress will depend upon the Government’s willingness to support the technology in future. Drax still has three coal-fired units which it will be forced to take off-line on – or more likely before – 2025 if they are not converted too. If these go, so too will vital jobs and power supply.”

You can watch Nigel’s full speech here.