Nigel welcomes PM’s new £8 billion NHS cash pledge

Nigel welcomes PM’s new £8 billion NHS cash pledge


Nigel Adams has welcomed the Prime Minister’s big announcement on our £8 billion additional commitment to the NHS if Conservatives win the election.

So patients can be confident that they will get the care they deserve, David Cameron will today commit a Conservative Government to at least £8 billion more funding per year by 2020 for the NHS.

David Cameron said “Your National Health Service is there for you throughout your life: from the day you are born, to your final days. It is something to be valued, protected and improved.”

Only a Conservative Government can deliver the NHS’s vision of a better health service for you and your family. We will have increased spending on the NHS by over £7 billion in real terms over five years. We are now committing to increasing health spending in real terms by a minimum of £8 billion in the next Parliament. This will mean a better NHS for everyone who needs it, including guaranteed same day GP access for the over 75s.”

Nigel Adams added “Despite the lies about the NHS being spread by Ed Miliband’s candidate locally, I am proud that this Conservative led government has invested £12.9 billion into our NHS since 2010 and our reforms have also seen an additional 9,000 more doctors and 7,900 more NHS nurses since 2010.”

“You can only have a strong NHS with a strong economy. Only the Conservatives have a plan for that – and this will ensure the NHS is there for you and your family, whenever you need it.”