Selby Delivery Office: Ready for Christmas Rush

Selby Delivery Office: Ready for Christmas Rush

Nigel Adams with Julian Folds, Deputy Manager 2



  • Nigel Adams MP was shown around Selby Delivery Office and heard how they were getting ready for the busy Christmas period.
  • Christmas is Royal Mail’s busiest time of the year. Mr Adams saw the hard work and dedication of local postal workers sorting the mail ready for delivery later that day.
  • The last recommended posting dates for Christmas are:  Second Class – Saturday  19 December 2015, First Class- Monday 21 December 2015 and Special Delivery –  Wednesday 23 December


Nigel Adams MP visited Royal Mail’s Selby Delivery Office early in the morning to see the mail being sorted for delivery later that day and to hear how the office was preparing for the busiest time of the year. Mr Adams was shown around by Deputy Manager Julian Folds who explained how the office had changed over the last few years to handle a changing pattern of mail delivery which included a greater numbers of parcels, especially at Christmas. Mr Adams heard how the office planned to handle the increased volume and still make sure that deliveries were made on time. This was the fourth year that he had visited the office but this year the visit took place at the start of the rush period, rather than towards the end.

Mr Adams said, “The office was clearly well prepared for the Christmas rush and the team were obviously looking forward to the busy time when huge numbers of Christmas cards and parcels have to be delivered. The level of organization and the enthusiasm of everybody in the office was obvious. There is no way that the Selby office will fail to deliver in time for Christmas provided that people meet the last posting dates.”

Julian Folds, Deputy Manager, said:  “I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was a great pleasure meeting Nigel Adams and talking about the way we have prepared for the Christmas rush. This year I feel that we are ready earlier, the amount of mail is already increasing and I am sure we are very well prepared to handle it with the excellent team that we have in the Selby office.”

Nigel Adams MP said: “There is a huge amount of effort and dedication that goes into a superb delivery service at Christmas which is the Royal Mail’s busiest time of year. It was great to meet the team here at Selby. Our postal workers do such an important job throughout the year and I would like to thank them for their efforts and wish them all the best over the busy festive period.”

Liz Wilson, Royal Mail Delivery Office Manager at Selby, commenting after the visit, said: “Our postmen and women are working extremely hard to deliver Christmas cards, letters and parcels to people across Selby. We are grateful that Nigel visited the office to see our operation and to support the team. We’d like to remind our customers to post early so that friends and family have longer to enjoy their Christmas greetings. We would also like to ask everyone to please always use the postcode as this helps us greatly in the job that we do at this busy time.”


The last recommend posting dates for Christmas are:

Second Class – Saturday 19 December 2015

First Class – Monday 21 December 2015

Special Delivery – Wednesday 23 December 2015


Customers can also help Royal Mail ensure that all their letters, cards and parcels are delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible by taking a few easy steps:

  • Post early – Avoid disappointment by posting your cards and parcels early.
  • Use a postcode – A clearly addressed card or parcel, with a postcode, and return address on the back of the envelope, will ensure quick and efficient delivery.
  • Use Special Delivery – For valuable and important packages and parcels guarantee delivery with Royal Mail’s Special Delivery, which means your gift is tracked, traced and insured against loss.
  • Wrap parcels well and always give a return address
  • For more information about Royal Mail’s last recommended posting dates, please or call 03457 740 740.