Team Rubicon UK helping victims of Hurricane Irma

Team Rubicon UK helping victims of Hurricane Irma


Are you looking for a way to help the people and communities affected by Hurricane Irma? Consider making a contribution or volunteering your skills with Team Rubicon.  Please see the below message from Team Rubicon about their work and how you can help:

Team Rubicon is a charity that uses the skills, characteristics and experiences of veterans, first responders and civilians with specialist skills in the relief of disasters at home and abroad.

Team Rubicon UK is already on the ground in the Caribbean where the fiercest Atlantic storm in recorded history is wreaking havoc across a string of vulnerable islands. Hurricane Irma has killed at least 23 people, flattened buildings, flooded airports, destroyed roads and knocked out power for thousands of people. They need help now and our skilled veterans are already on the ground.

An assessment team is in Barbados and preparing to move forward to Antigua alongside our partners in SERVE ON. We have another team who will shortly arrive in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and they are gearing up to move as soon as possible to Turks and Caicos. Team Rubicon is also monitoring the situation in the British Virgin Islands to see what will be needed there.

Officials on the islands that have already hit describe catastrophic scenes with hospitals destroyed, trees ripped up and houses reduced to rubble. Even as the full scale of the destruction is measured, this region is bracing for another massive storm, Hurricane Jose.

We are working with UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination, the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency and local officials through the Commonwealth Secretariat. We are planning to send two more teams of volunteers as soon as possible, with our focus on Antigua and Barbuda, The British Virgin Islands and Turks and Caicos.

With our US colleagues in Team Rubicon USA already grappling with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, deploying more volunteers than ever before to communities across Texas, our presence in the Caribbean is essential to save lives and rebuild devastated communities.

We estimate these initial relief efforts will cost around £30,000, but as the full scale of the damage becomes apparent, and more islands are affected, this is likely to rise.

We need your support now to do what we do best – bring immediate relief and desperately needed help to people who have lost their homes, their towns and their hope. Financial donations or gifts in kind will help get our teams of skilled volunteers to where they are needed most.

Team Rubicon UK is a registered charity which depends on the support of volunteers and generous donations.  Please consider helping us, and the people of the Caribbean by contacting Chairman General Sir Nick Parker at, with your offers of help.  You can learn more about Team Rubicon at