Why do Labour have to tell lies about the NHS on their leaflets?

Why do Labour have to tell lies about the NHS on their leaflets?


While the Conservative campaign has got off to a flying start, the Selby and Ainsty Labour candidate has been caught out getting off to a lying start with false claims about the number of NHS nurses.

Ed Miliband’s man in Selby states in his election leaflet that the number of nurses has been cut since 2010 despite official NHS figures showing that nurse numbers are UP by 6,900.

Nigel Adams said, “It is disappointing that Ed Miliband’s choice of candidate here should blatantly mislead voters about the NHS. Official NHS figures and figures from the independent Kings Fund show the truth that under this Conservative led government, the number of nurses has risen by 6,900 since the last election rather than the cut of almost 5,000 which he portrays in his leaflet.”

“We have also recently seen 30 new staff taken on at Selby’s new War Memorial Hospital to provide better joined-up health and social care for the most vulnerable.”

Official figures which can be found here also show that the number of doctors has risen by over 9,000 since the last election.

Nigel added, “Scare tactics and misleading people about the NHS should come as no surprise from the party that brought us the Mid Staffs scandal and cover-up after cover-up.  the Government has invested £12.9 billion more into the service, and will be putting £2 billion extra every year into the frontline from April. This investment has paid for record numbers of clinical staff to deliver better care, there are over 22,000 more professionally qualified clinical staff since May 2010. This includes 9,580 extra doctors, 8,476 more hospital nurses, and 2,231 more midwives.”

Under this Government’s leadership the NHS is meeting the challenge of rising demand. Since 2010, the NHS has carried out 9.2 million more operations during this Parliament compared to the last; referred 51 per cent more suspected cancer patients to a specialist; performed nearly 700,000 more cancer treatments; and ensured over 100,000 more people got a diagnosis of dementia and the support they need to manage their condition.

The Government has worked hard to ensure that patients are treated safely, with the compassion and dignity that we would want for our own families. A new Chief Inspector of Hospitals has been appointed introducing Ofsted style inspections; mixed-sex wards have been virtually eradicated; and hospital infections have been nearly halved. The number of people in official surveys saying that they think they would be treated with dignity and respect and that they would feel safe in an NHS hospital are all at record levels.

Additionally, under this Government, the independent Commonwealth Fund has said that the NHS has become the top-ranked health service of 11 leading nations. Because of the difficult economic decisions the Government has taken, it has been able to increase NHS spending by £12.9 billion over five years. The NHS has also worked hard to make efficiency savings and as a result has saved £20 billion that has been redirected to frontline patient care.