Improving the NHS

Labour like to weaponize our NHS and claim that it won't be looked after under the Conservatives. We think it will only be safe in our hands.

In Government, the Conservative party have:

  • Promised that mental health services will receive an extra £2.3 billion
  • Intend to provide the NHS with an additional £33.9 billion cash funding increase by 2023/24 in a Long Term Plan (LTP).
  • The LTP will also provide funding for a larger, better supported workforce, delivering improved training opportunities, better support and career progression, stronger leadership at all levels, and a clamp down on bullying and violence to improve retention.
  • As part of the LTP’s vision to bring the NHS into the digital age and make it fit for the future, new digital GP services will improve access and help people make appointments, manage prescriptions and view their health records online.

When it comes to protecting your NHS and making sure you get the help you need when you need it, you can only trust the Conservatives.