A19 – Repair work started

A19 Road Closure – Trees and vegetation have been cleared to provide access for repairs to the embankment which carries the road across the flood plain. .

The A19 runs for 0.75km along a causeway across the flood plain south of the River Aire.  The road was closed when the road was submerged after heavy rain from Storms Ciara and Dennis.  While under water the road was damaged by waves generated by high winds and these waves caused erosion of the causeway and cracking of the road edge.  

North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) carried out a geotechnical assessment to check the condition and stability of the causeway under the road.  This investigation confirmed that the causeway will require repair on the West bank. To prepare the way for this work the vegetation and trees on this side of the road have now been cleared.  

This will enable detailed inspection of the edge of the embankment and as soon as NYCC have confirmed exactly what work is required they will be able to estimate the timescale for repair and set a date for reopening of the carriageway.

Please note - It is not safe nor is it appropriate for anyone to remove the barriers and signs around the A19 Road Closure.