A19 Update – Contractors on site

The contract to rebuild the A19 has now been awarded to Balfour Beatty and work has commenced.

The reconstruction is a major project, as indicated by the £6.5M estimated cost. The first steps towards rebuilding the road are to clear the roadside trees and vegetation, to replace the gas main that runs along the causeway and to divert the trunk telephony cable that runs under the other side of the road. This work must be completed before heavy equipment can be used to excavate the road surface and the causeway. The site has now been cleared and contractors are on site working on the replacement gas main.


The road was seriously damaged in February by flood water and the action of waves on the sloping sides of the embankment. To ensure that the road is made more resilient to any future flooding event the embankments of the causeway must be able to withstand both the flooding and any waves generated by high winds. Wave action caused the worst of the damage to the road in February and the sloping sides of the embankments are an important part of the design. Engineers are therefore analysing February’s flooding to see if additional culverts are required to enable flood water to pass under the road in extreme circumstances.