A19 – Update – Radar survey reveals serious damage to the causeway under the road surface.

19th May 2020

North Yorkshire County Council have now completed the underground survey by using specialised radar to determine whether the A19 was undermined when the road was flooded. The picture above shows that the visible damage is quite extensive but the ground radar has revealed further extensive damage below the road surface. The unwelcome conclusion is that parts of the causeway may need to be re-built.

North Yorkshire County Council acknowledge that the lockdown would have been an ideal time to start reconstruction while there were fewer motorists on the road. Unfortunately the lockdown caused delays to the essential survey work. When arrangements were made for this work to be carried out during the lockdown the survey revealed more serious damage under the road than the visual inspection had shown.

Preparatory work was carried out to enable repairs to commence as soon as design work had been completed. In parallel with repair of the causeway and the road NYCC have also confirmed that they are investigating the possibility of adding a cycle path alongside the road between Chapel Haddlesey and Wand Lane.

I am in regular contact with North Yorkshire County Council and will update this information as soon as the delivery programme details are available. The A19 is one of our busiest roads taking heavy traffic to the M62 and I have advised NYCC of the urgent need to get the road re-opened as soon as possible.