A19 Update – The road and the causeway will be rebuilt

I am very well aware of the disruption since the closure of the A19 in February when it was severely damaged by flooding. The diverted traffic and especially HGV’s are having an impact that is being felt in many villages across Selby District. The closure is also adding journey time and inconvenience for children who live in Eggborough and Whitley and who go to school in Selby. Please be assured that I am doing all that I can to ensure that the road can be re-opened as soon as possible but I also want to make sure that it is rebuilt to withstand any future flooding event.  

This section of road has a history of flooding but this year the damage was far more extensive than seen before. The causeway needs to be rebuilt rather than just patched up and this means rebuilding the road and the causeway. The causeway has within it a major gas pipeline and trunk fibre optic telephone cabling. Alongside the causeway there are drainage dykes plus bridges where culverts pass under the road. All of this needs diverting, repairing or rebuilding before the causeway and the road can be repaired.

The latest update from North Yorkshire County has confirmed the following

  • Contractor appointed and site compound for heavy machinery has been established.
  • Temporary ducts in place along the length of the road ready for the fibre optic cables which will provide temporary diversion of the trunk telephone network.
  • New gas pipeline installed and ready to be connected in place of old pipeline.
  • Plans agreed with the drainage board for work on drainage infrastructure.
  • Modelling work in consultation with the Environment Agency to determine future flood risk.
  • Roadside vegetation cleared ready for earthworks.

This is preparatory work and as soon as it is completed the heavy machinery will be moved in to start on the earthworks and rebuilding the causeway.