Budget boost - Major upgrade for the A1 through our region

The stretch of the A1 from the end of the Motorway section at Darrington going towards the Doncaster by-pass is to be upgraded to modern motorway standard. The road is one of the most congested in the region and is the source of many hold ups and accidents. 

Nigel has welcomed the announcement – “A much needed improvement that will benefit everybody who uses the road to go North South through our region.”

The funding was confirmed as part of the budget announcement. Baroness Vere, Transport Minister for Roads, Buses and Places wrote to Nigel with the good news, saying 

I am delighted to inform you that the second Road Investment Strategy (RIS2), which has now been published, confirms that we will provide funding to develop a proposal to upgrade the Al from Doncaster to Darrington. This development work means that this can be ready to enter the programme after 2025.

This stretch of the Al has long been a source of local frustration. The Doncaster bypass is the oldest piece of motorway still in service in the UK in its original form. The non-motorway section to its north is also well known for its delays and frustrations, all wrapped up in a road that does not match modern standards. I am pleased to be able to give the green light to development work that can make real the government’s commitment to levelling up. While all proposals for the third RIS will need to show a strong business case, the journey towards delivery starts here.

Initial consultations have already been held with the communities along the route. This announcement means that Highways England can now undertake further work leading to identification of a preferred route which will be followed by further consultation.