Flood compensation schemes now operational

I am pleased to confirm that Selby District Council have put in place the full range of Government funded compensation schemes and some additional local schemes to help those affected by flooding.

Details of the compensation schemes can be found here


If your home was flooded then you should make sure that Selby District Council are aware.

More general information about the response and recovery from flooding can be found here.


This includes information about the Two Ridings flood recovery fund, a charity set up to provide additional help to families suffering hardship as a result of flooding.


Flooding Update from Nigel Adams MP


Thankfully the flood waters are now receding and flood warnings have been lifted. 

About 25 homes were flooded in Selby District with devastating impact for the owners who now face the difficult task of cleaning up, finding somewhere else to live and basically rebuilding their lives. This is a very difficult period and I want to ensure that victims of flooding get as much support as possible.

Community Recovery Grant – This Government funding is equivalent to £500 per eligible household – and is there to help communities and vulnerable people in areas severely affected by the flooding with their immediate recovery. Payment to individual households will be made by the local council. If your home has been flooded internally then you should ensure that Selby District Council are aware.

Flood resilience grants – Up to £5000 per property to help homes and businesses to become more resilient to flooding by helping to pay for a range of property improvements. The funding is to enable repairs to be made more flood resilient by installing fittings and materials that increase resistance to damage from water in the future, such as putting in flood doors and raising electrics off ground level. In 2015 the community of Kirkby Wharfe collectively used these grants to purchase a flood barrier. Any proposal which protects properties from future flooding will be considered.

Bellwin funding - This provides emergency financial assistance to help local authorities deal with the aftermath of a flooding emergency in their area including support for clean-up operations.

This has been a very difficult period and I must thank the Environment Agency, Selby District Council along with the Fire Service for keeping us safe. I would also like to pay tribute to the individuals and volunteer organisations including flood wardens, members of flood groups and community groups who also worked hard to protect their communities.