Nigel Adams welcomes section 19 investigation into February flooding

North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) has announced that it is to undertake a full investigation, called a section 19 investigation, into the February flooding. See


Nigel Adams said  "The flooding in February was a tragic event and caused serious damage to 30 homes, closed the A19, and seriously affected an important railway line. We need to thoroughly understand the sequence of events and decide what needs to be done to ensure our defences are fit for purpose. I am very pleased that North Yorkshire County Council are leading what could be a complex investigation. They will have my full support."


Why is a Section 19 investigation is important 

After the Tadcaster flooding of December 2015 NYCC conducted a Section 19 investigation (of the Water Management Act 2010 ). The report included an action plan and it also supported the investment case for improving the flood defences in the town. This culminated in £10M funding for new flood defences. It was for that reason that Nigel Adams asked NYCC for a section 19 investigation into the flooding of the Aire by storms Ciara and Dennis.