Nigel Meets with Flooding Minister About Local Flooding

This week Nigel Adams met with Dan Rogerson, Minister responsible for flood prevention for action on South Milford flooding.

Parts of South Milford were flooded twice during 2014. Thanks to action being taken locally the risk of repeat events is being reduced. North Yorkshire Council and Selby District Council are both involved and there has been a good local response with Yorkshire Water and Environment Agency taking prompt action to reduce the risk of it happening again. However the force of the water was so great in August that it washed away a large section of the causeway providing access to homes at Steeton Hall.

Nigel Adams said “I visited South Milford after the June flood and again after the second event in August. The June flood washed away parts of the causeway at Steeton Hall. After the June flood it was repaired by residents, only to be washed away again in August. The causeway needs to be properly repaired but the company that owns it has gone into receivership, meaning that ownership transferred to the Crown. I met with Dan Rogerson to discuss the wider issues about flooding in South Milford and to ask him to bring a resolution to the issues preventing the causeway from being repaired.” 

The ideal solution would be for the causeway to be transferred to the residents of Steeton Hall, for whom the causeway is the only way to get to their homes. This proposal is supported by the residents of Steeton Hall and also by SMAF, the local action group who have been driving the overall project to bring about a solution. The causeway is also used by visitors to Steeton Hall tower, an English Heritage site. 

Nigel Adams said “The meeting was very constructive and Dan Rogerson agreed to write to the Crown asking that the causeway should be transferred to the residents at nil cost, or if not that the Crown should repair the causeway without further delay.”