Update from Nigel Adams MP on Travellers in Brayton

Constituents contacted me last week about travellers with caravans on Selby bypass. I saw this for myself can confirm that I have contacted both Selby District Council and North Yorkshire County Council. It is North Yorkshire County Council who are responsible for our highways and safety of those highways. North Yorkshire Highways and the North Yorkshire Police visited the travellers on Selby by-pass last week and advised them that they should move on because of the danger created by caravans and tethered ponies at that location.

They moved as they said they would, but only moved as far as a field owned by North Yorkshire County Council on Foxhill Lane, Brayton. When they moved to that site they did leave the site on the by-pass in a clean condition after bagging all their rubbish in sacks provided by the council.

It is the responsibility of a landowner to take steps to compel travellers to leave a site which they have entered without permission. North Yorkshire County Council were contacted again this morning and have confirmed that action has been initiated via their legal team to get the travellers to move on from the Foxhill Lane. The police have also been contacted at senior level and requested to fully support any action taken by North Yorkshire County Council.

Having experienced the problems that we had last year when travellers moved around between seven different sites within Selby District causing damage and leaving a mess on the sites, I do not want to see this repeated again this year and have asked North Yorkshire County Council, the Police and Selby District Council to keep me informed.